Man, who played only with eyes (video)

Even years after his death, Mher Mkrtchyan’s role in Armenian art is irreplaceable. If there wasn’t his serious illness and untimely death, he would become 84 this year. Man, who played only with eyes.

Mher Mkrtchyan, or how friends called him- Frunzik, was special. He had a God-given talent, remembers Theatrical figures union president Hakob Khazanchyan. He was real on the stage, he wasn’t acting. “He was just realizing everything, he did it as Mher Mkrtchyan, but it was over all the doctrines.”

Theatrical figures union president notes proudly that he had the chance to be friends with him, “He was very simple, easy-going person, it was pleasure to be in the same company with him.

In the evenings we gathered around a table, played backgammon and he used to ask for his desired numbers like a child.”

After 21 years of his death, the beloved actor was remembered as a happy actor with sad eyes. Unknown pages of his life, personal pain were left a secret for many people. But his greatness is out of doubt. Frunzik won’t be born again.

“When I was born, all were laughing and I was crying. When I die, all will be crying and I will be laughing,”- these words of Frunzik became a reality. On December 19, 1993 Armenian people bid final farewell to the beloved actor, all were crying.