The issue of the four at Heritage conference (video)

At the 10th conference of Heritage, NA Heritage party head Ruben Hakobyan presented a report. He reminded that the party worked with three deputies and introduced a number of drafts.

Ruben Hakobyan also spoke about the cooperation of NA non-governmental parties- ARF, BHK, HAK and Heritage, “This cooperation is serious, I think that political agenda in the parliament is dictated by four non-governmental political powers. Considering the agenda, which we formulated, we want entire, systematic government change, we must move forward in this manner.”

In the same way

At Heritage party conference, Yerevan Council “Barev Yerevan” party annual report was introduced by party head Anahit Bakhshyan. She especially stressed some points. Mrs. Bakhshyan reminded that “Barev Yerevan” actively took part in the fight against transport cost increase, as well as “we actively took part in the fights against illegal buildings on Komitas 5, Amiryan 18, round park area, Sayat Nova Street and other.”

According to her, they will continue working in the same way and will try to solve issues raised by the citizens.