“Syrian Armenian community may disappear”: politician (video)

“Terrorist activities in Iraq may have great influence on Armenia,”- is sure politician Gagik Hambaryan.

According to him, Islamists victory in Iraq may cause the elimination of Armenian community in Syria, “The main reason of Turkish intervention in Syrian civil war is to eliminate Armenian population. That is the reason that ethnic cleansing is carried out in the territories conquered by the terrorists and Armenian churches are desecrated.

Mr. Hambaryan notes that the elimination of Syrian Armenian community is a harm not only to Armenia, but all Christian world, “Armenians are among those little nations, which are presented in the Middle East as Diaspora and the elimination of the community is a big blow to Christians, at the same time Syrian Armenians big flow will start into Armenia, but our country is not able to provide even its citizens from the social- political aspect. I also must note that after Islamists victory, Turkey will get stronger not only in the Middle East but also in Arab world, which is not beneficial for us,”- summed up the politician.