Pashinyan made a suggestion to NA President

At the NA session HAK Deputy Nikol Pashinyan raised the issue on the tense situation on Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

He noted that specialists think that the tension is connected with events in Astana, “We are a CSTO member with Kazakhstan and have mutual security responsibilities, but that treaty ally has made such announcements in Astana, which give new impetus to our opponent and endanger our citizens. I have a suggestion, we have an issue connected with the CSTO in our agenda, let’s start the session with it, invite Foreign Minister, make corrections in that agreement and come to conclusions connected with Kazakhstan behavior.”

NA President Galust Sahakyan announced that final conclusions should not be done on biased opinions, “But the issue is very important so we will discuss and will give clarifications. I can’t mention concrete date for discussions, they will be either on June 16 or 17.”