Armenia can become Holland, says specialist (video)

There has not been water scarcity in Armenia this year, says Hrach Berberyan, Chairman of Agrarian-Peasant Union of Armenia.

He said it in response to specialists who say Armenia there is water shortage in Armenia.

“It has been raining almost every day. Haven’t reservoirs been filled with water? I regret that Yerevan Lake emptied for the Araks River in this season.  If it is necessary for those waters to go to the neighboring republic, that’s another matter. One should be either ignorant or the country’s enemy to declare the year as a period of water scarcity. They did it for releasing water from the Sevan,” he added.

Hrach Berberyan says farmers have appeared on the verge of bankruptcy because of bank loans. “Banks rob out villagers,” he stressed.

The specialist says potato harvest is plentiful this year and we can export it to foreign countries. “We can turn Armenia into Holland with potato cultivation and export.”

He says the government’s stricter tax policies will cause a surge on the domestic market. “Businesses are artificially raising prices.  Let’s take for example grain. We have good harvest and plentiful stored grain; hence, the soaring prices are unjustified.”