Sports and Concert Complex at the auction

Justice Ministry Judicial Acts Compulsory Enforcement Service website  informs that Sports and Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan is at the auction.

In the description of the building it is mainly said:

Center administrative area, sports complex (sports and culture center) situated in Tsitsernakaberd park, seven storey, it has a basement, walls made of stone, ceilings and roof- reinforced concrete, foundation- reinforced concrete monolithic, covering- metallic, window frames- metallic, entrance door- metallic, European production, interior doors- wooden, floor- marble and granite slabs, administrative part- parquet, stone slabs, bathroom floor and walls are tiled, gas is provided, there is a sewage system, telephone, drinking water, sports center has elevators and air conditioning system…

Starting price- 19 350 000 000.0 AMD

Advance payment- 967 500 000.0 AMD

9 days and 2 hours is left

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