Ukrainian mercenaries also fought in Artsakh, says historian (video)

The West and the whole world are indifferent to the events in Ukraine, says historian Armen Karapetyan.

Everything that is going on with the Ukraine people today has happened to Armenians many times. “Europe is turning a blind eye to the genocide-like acts in Ukraine; we are witnessing the repetition of 19th century atrocities today,” he said.

Similarly, Europe remained indifferent to the events happening in Armenia in the 19th century, thereby arousing resentment and anger among Armenians.

“The same Ukrainian mercenaries, who are now fighting in Ukraine, once fought in Artsakh,” stressed Mr Karapetyan.

The historian is convinced that the crisis in Ukraine cannot last long as two Slavic nations cannot become enemies.

“What is happening in Ukraine these days is an undeclared war,” says Mushegh Gasparyan, a participant of the Artsakh Liberation War. He is convinced that the Ukrainian issue should be resolved through negotiations, without the use of force.