“Warlick’s announcement is the result of joining the Customs Union” (video)

It must have been realized in Armenia that taking Karabakh out of negotiations is a big mistake. Today in the conversation with “A1+” announced veteran Myasnik Malkhasyan- turning to OSCE Minsk group Co-Chair James Warlick’s announcement and added that today we receive the response of that mistake, “There is nothing accidental, it is the result of the policy, which has been led in Armenia during last years,”- he said and added that people must make conclusions from this.

The veteran remembers that years ago they liberated Shushi to ensure Artsakh’s security, “And returning the liberated territories means that it would be safe neither there nor in some areas of Armenia.”

Minsk group co-chairs announcement, according to the veteran, is normal, it is the result of joining the Customs Union.

Details in the video