Artsvik Minasyan: only after the meeting (video)

All the arguments of those who are against pension reforms will reach the CC and will be adopted by multiple approvals. RA citizen, Dashnaktsutyun party deputy Artsvik Minasyan expressed such confidence at “I am against” initiative’s meeting on the Liberty Square.

He noted that the counterarguments in the application introduced by the deputies refer to violating the right of property, age discrimination and so on.

Artsvik Minasyan is sure that “if we preserve our unity, and don’t undergo disagreements, we will win.”

“Today’s overcrowded meeting proves that if we are united, we will overcome any difficulty,- said Minasyan.

According to his words, after removing the mandatory component they are ready to negotiate with all the social layers of the population and develop new plans of pension reforms. They must be accepted only by referendum.

“Only in that case our people can say, that his will is fixed in the law, which must work,- said Artsvik Minasyan and added,- This struggle must be a success.”