Gurgen Yeghyazaryan remembered the mouse

The mouse hanged in the refrigerator, as there is nothing to eat. Politician Gurgen Yeghyazaryan expressed this opinion about present situation in Armenia in the conversation with journalists. “This government suffers from AIDS and it is impossible to cure, if it was light flu, it would be possible to cure,”- he added.

He also greeted the cooperation of four non-governmental powers, “We have examples from former Soviet Union area, what is going on and wouldn’t like that we go through Euro-forum ways, as it will be ruinous for little Armenia. I don’t think that this political quartet will remain, two parties will remain, two will go forward, as I see the authorities’ style, how it works with two others.”

To “A1+” question, whether the hypothesis of Government is possible that four non-governmental powers will join BHK and there will be two-party system in the political arena, he answered, “Those are little intrigues and further bait for looking for areas of disagreement, it is not serious.”

His opposition speaker, HHK deputy Lernik Alexanyan also has positive attitude towards the negotiations and union of four non-governmental powers, “It will clear the opposition field and they will be more comprehensible for themselves, authorities and public. This also leads to the recovery of our political field.”