RAU Rector Armen Darbinyan receives members of I Am Against pressure group (video)

Members of I Am Against pressure group continue their meetings with students from different universities. This time, the initiative met students of the at Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (RAU).

In a press release issued on March 12, the group said they highlight students’ involvement in the discussion of controversial issues threatening the public and in the struggle for human rights.

“It is very important that students, as a conscious and responsible stratum of the civil society,  clearly express their position on the anti-social and anti-constitutional law [on mandatory funded pension]  and be actively involved in the struggle for civil and human rights,” reads the statement.

At present, RAU Rector Armen Darbinyan is talking to the group members outside the University building. He is in favor of the pension report, and advises studying the technical nuances of the law as ‘everything is done for the well-being of our generations.’