What does Republican elite think of HAK rally?

During the Saturday rally held at Liberty Square in Yerevan in commemoration of the March 1, 2008 post-election clashes, opposition leaders criticized the acting authorities for the situation in the country.  To know the reaction of the ruling elite we interviewed Hermine Naghdalyan, Vice Speaker of the National Assembly.

“March 1 is a real pain for all of us but it is inadmissible to use the tragedy for political purposes. Besides, the fact showed that one cannot have great expectations from these rallies; it was another regular meeting with customary accusations and absence of clear objectives,” said the NA official.

“The rally once again proved the opposition lacks a distinct political stance on foreign and domestic policy issues. They do not have an alternative programme, they have only a desire to come to power at the expense of alternative electorate and are ready to use everything on their way, including people’s problems and grief, in order to smooth their way to power.  I repeat again that the path they have chosen will lead nowhere,” she said.