The electronic auction of the assets and premises of Bjni mineral water plant has just ended. Someone has just made a bid for the plant owned by the Sukiasyans. The unknown buyer has offered 4 441 500 000 drams. The price for the double auction was 4 441 358 drams.

The Mandatory Execution of Judicial Acts (SMEJA) says they cannot unveil the buyer.

To remind, Bjni was first put up for auction on January 23, 2009. The company’s assets and premises in the central town of Charentsavan and in the village of Bjni were priced 6 milliard 580 million drams (over 21.50 million dollars). The starting price was 4 milliard 935 million drams. The auction was postponed as no one seemed willing to buy the company. Another auction was announced in ten days’ time. This time the price for the plant went down by 10 percent.