The Armenian enterprises envisaged for settlement of Armenia’s debt of $ 100 million to Russia will be transferred to Ara Abrahamyan, the Armenian businessman of Russia as well as the Chair of “Union for Armenians in Russia” ,- “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” releases in August 21-st issue.

It is decided already that the enterprises of military and industrial spheres are to be possessed by the Russian Agency for Systems Management. Tatyana Rublyova, the author of the article says Vladimir Simonov, the former head of the Agency sent a letter to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and suggested to convey the shares of the Armenian enterprises to the “Soglasie” Company headed by Ara Abrahamyan .

It was stated Ilya Klebanov, the Co-Chair of the Russian-Armenian Intergovernmental Commission as well as the co-author of the “Property for Debt” formula agrees to that step . Transference of the enterprises to Abrahamyan “will ensure the positive political attitude to “Union for Armenians in Russia” in Armenia and support of Armenian Government and Parliament”.

“Nezavisimaya Gazeta” says Ara Abrahamyan aims arrogance and wants to have influence upon the 2003 presidential elections in Armenia .