• Raffi Hovannisian: If I disappointed anyone…

    If the emigration continues at the same pace, the country will face a demographic crisis, Heritage Party Leader Raffi Hovannisian said on Saturday during his meeting with the party adherents.
    “Migration has become a hackneyed phrase. But those who are crossing the border know that it’s a disaster. To blame the emigration on the Armenian National Congress, Pre-Parliament, Heritage or the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun, is incorrect. If I have disappointed you by not allowing bloodshed or shadow government, if I became the reason for migration for anyone, I beg your pardon,” he said.

    The Heritage party leader says many confuse the final victory with defeat. He assured everyone that they have not quitted their plans and still pursue the same goals. “What we initiated 6 months ago is still in force. The main task of the Heritage is to restore the faith of people,” he stressed adding that important hotbeds of revolt have been formed in Armenia, reflecting the current situation in the country.

    Then he began enumerating the problems of Karabakh war veterans, ongoing incidents on the contact line and in military units, the problems in communities affected by hail, environmental issues, and the protests of pilots, Nairit plant workers and lawyers.

    In addition, he stressed the need for the opposition to join forces or to follow different paths.