• Residents of Armavir region in terrible plight

    Residents of hail-stricken Armavir region say they cannot wait for the government’s assistance.

    “What can the government do for us? What shall I do with the seed it pledged to give to the farmers of the affected communities? Even if I harvest several tons of crops in autumn I cannot afford to pay even the tractor driver. I do not need their seed,” says Srapion Nazaryan, a resident of Armavir village.

    The desperate farmers only want the government to freeze their credits. “We have submitted to the governor’s office the list of banks our villagers have taken loans from. The deputy minister of agriculture told us that these are private banks and they can do nothing to help us. What is to become of us if they cannot help us? Are they going to put us in jail?” said Srapion Nazaryan.

    Support to Residents of Armavir initiative group has been established to help the farmers of the hail-stricken community. Head of the initiative Nare Grigoryan says the people in the community were equally affected and all face the same problems.

    “It is true, the government says they will send fertilizers, seeds, but what seeds – sunflower and corn? People have lost grape, tomato, orchards while the government promises to give corn, sunflower and Lucerne…,” she said.