• Instead of sexual pathologists people go to healers

    In Armenia, the number of people turning to sexual pathologists has increased, says sexologist Vrezh Shahramanyan.

    “Yerevan citizens turn to specialists more than regional residents. Yet, it does not mean that rural residents encounter fewer sexual problems. They are simply ashamed of turning to sexual pathologists,” he said.

    Therefore, the specialist suggests organizing regular workshops in regions to develop the sexual education of local residents. Vrezh Shahramyan says 25 percent of patients visiting their clinic are women, 25 % are couples and 50 % are men.

    He pointed out three problems that make people turn to doctors.

    “In the case of men, it is potency, which the society calls impotence. The second problem encountered frequently is the duration of sexual intercourse and the third is sexual arousal disorder,” the doctor said.

    With regard to women, the specialist says they turn to sexual pathologists because of lack of orgasm, vaginismus and reduced sexual drive.

    “Instead of turning to sexologists people prefer visiting healers and reading journalists which frequently publish wrongful information,” he said.

    Shamaryan advises both men and women to turn to doctors if they have problems as no one else can give them the right advice or treatment.