• Varbetian is not allowed to cross the border

    On April 4 night, 2013 French citizen, genealogist Alexander Varbetian arrived on plane in Armenia to celebrate his 70th anniversary with the friends in his homeland implementing the right of entry Armenia without an entry visa for the European Union member states citizens which has been in force since January 10, 2013.

    But Alexander Varbetian was not allowed to cross state borders of Armenia and now he is kept by the supervising body in special dwelling space of “Zvartnots” airport transit zone, yet for unknown period of time.

    Armenia-supporting activities of Aleksandr Varbedian are very well known in his homeland. He devoted his entire life to the top problem of Armenology and national preservation educating and transferring Armenian spirit to a great deal of generations. Thus, it is not clear why Aleksandr Varbetian’s visit to his fatherland was prohibited.

    Aleksandr Varbetian’s friends, supporters and readers require to clarify this issue and present to the public the reasons of the ban “, – is said in his supporters’ letter, which was addressed to the president Serzh Sargsyan.