• Democratic Liberal Party (RAK) . When we were united we won


    Democratic Liberal Party (RAK), realistically assessing the historical moment and the exclusive opportunity of it, calls on all citizens to participate in the elections, ensuring that in that case each vote will serve its purpose and any kind of manifestation of abuse will be excluded.

    In the Republic of Armenia a situation has been created where the existence of free and transparent elections has become possible to elect a president with the standards of the international and European democracy.

    The Armenian history shows that whenever we were united like a fist we have always won. Today we also have that exclusive opportunity to win.
    RAK calls on RA citizens to go to the polls jointly and come together across the common ideology and around the worthy president Serzh Sarksiyan creating the best and secure future.

    The incumbent president gains in popularity not only among Armenians but also among the Armenian Diaspora, which is evidenced by great support and mass activities organized by RAK sections of Diaspora in Montreal (Canada), New York, Los Angeles (USA), Lyon (France) and Beirut (Lebanon).

    That is to confirm once again that electing Serzh Sarkisyan we will have a president who enjoys the confidence not only in Armenia but also in Diaspora.