• Vazgen Sargsyan’s brother to suppport Serzh Sargsyan

    Armen Sargsyan, the brother of Armenia’s Sparapet (Commander) Vazgen Sargsyan slain during the October 1999 parliamentary carnage, today attended Serzh Sargsyan’s campaign rally in Ararat city.

    Talking to reporters, Armen Sargsyan said he would back Serzh Sargsyan in the upcoming presidential election. He called on his co-villagers and friends to follow suit and second Sargsyan in the ballot.

    To disperse journalists’ surprise Armen Sargsyan explained that Serzh Sargsyan needs to continue his unfinished work and he wants to enable Sargsyan to complete his work.
    Vazgen Sargsyan, an outstanding Armenian military commander, politician and writer, was assassinated with seven senior officials during the October 1999 parliamentary carnage.