• Presidential candidate: Hunger strikes are getting contagious

    Hunger strikes are getting contagious among presidential candidates, says presidential hopeful Vardan Sedrakyan. 

    “I hope Serzh Sargsyan will not follow suit and go on strike as Putin will not be glad to find Serzh Sargsyan sitting outside with a bottle of water in his hands,” he said.
    The specialist in epic studies assured journalists that he is not going to join the strikers.

    “[Heritage party leader] Raffi Hovannisian is likely to join the protest as he is already experienced in it. Chairman of the National Self-Determination Union Paruyr Hayrikyan will do it as he finds hunger strikes useful for health. I have some hesitations with regard to former Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan,” he said adding that he would never resort to hunger strike as does not have the willpower.