• Health Minister unaware of changes?

    Specialists of the Armenian Ministry of Health today met with the Deputy Finance Minister to discuss the issue of pending tax changes that have caused a stir among dentists. The Ministry representatives will come up with a proposal in the near future.

    “I think that some of the provisions connected with the X-ray service, orthopedic tables and chairs, need to be clarified,” Minister Derenik Dumanyan told journalists on Wednesday after a Cabinet’s meeting.

    Asked why the amendments to the Law on Patent Fees had not been put under consideration before the adoption and whether he had been unaware of the changes, the Minister advised addressing the question to the Finance Ministry as the legislative initiative belongs to them.

    A group of dentists held a protest action outside the presidential residence on Monday demanding to review the law. They claim that the changes will inevitably increase the prices for dental services which, in their turn, will affect the pocket of clients. Moreover, the new taxes may lead to the closure of many dental clinics.