• Ara Abrahamian does not have debts

    Chairman of the Union of Russian Armenians, Ara Abrahamian, has arrived in Yerevan to participate in the 2nd convention of the World Armenian Congress slated for Oct. 15.

    Talking to journalists in Armenia, Mr Abrahamian dismissed the rumors that he had lost his business in Libya; he has just frozen his accounts of 100 million dollars and hopes to restore them in the future.

    Abrahamian says after the Libyan war all banks and businesses, including those in Armenia, seized the opportunity to demand their money.
    “It caused a lot of harm to me,” he said.

    Ara Abrahamian was forced to sell part of his business three times cheaper than the actual price to repay the debts.
    However, as Mr Abrahamian says, he does not have any more financial problems.

    The Chairman of the Union of Russian Armenians today had to reiterate that he had not released a statement in defense of Armenia’s former Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian who is prosecuted for money laundering charges. At the same time, he condemned the charges brought against the ex-official.

    “It is a very bad case and does not honour anyone. It is necessary to understand that there is statehood and there are authorities. We shall have to wait a little to see how this story will end,” said Abrahamian.

    The Chairman of the Union of Russian Armenians also said that the Union continues to support Serzh Sargsyan.
    Note that Ara Abrahamian will be in Yerevan’s Hrazdan stadium tonight to watch the Armenia-Italy match to be held within the framework of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.