• Will Gaspari be fined?

    The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan’s Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts today continued hearings of disputes involving former political prisoner Vardges Gaspari.

    During the court session, Armen Afandyan, deputy prosecutor of Kentron and Nork-Marash districts, delivered an accusatory speech, considering the evidence obtained during the hearings and Gaspari’s deliberate attempts to breach public order and draw attention towards him as founded.

    The prosecutor said Gaspari had not accepted the charges but, assessing his actions from legal point of view, Gaspari had insulted and used offensive language against former police chief Alik Sargsyan. The prosecutor motioned to punish Gaspari by fining him in the amount of 50-fold of the prescribed minimum salary.

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    On October 20, 2011, Gaspari participated in a nonpartisan protest outside the government premises against continuing noncombat deaths of Armenian servicemen. During the protest police chief Alik Sargsyan emerged from the government building after a cabinet session, and protesters immediately tried to block his way. Sargsyan’s bodyguards elbowed and pushed the protesters out of the way to enable the official to reach his car, while Gaspari hurled abuse at him.

    Gaspari was forced into a police car shortly afterwards and driven away. Later he was charged with hooliganism and assault.