• Prime minister has nothing to do with bull meat?


    «Dear colleagues. I would like to inform you that certain political forces want to cast aspersions on me by linking my name with these companies that import meat from India, » Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan said during the government session today.  

    In his words, neither he nor his friends and relatives have anything to do with five importing companies.

    According to the information announced at the conclusion of the session, in nine months of this year 5,284.651 tons of bull meat has been imported into Armenia in the following proportion:

    Universam Avan LLC


    Sam Ser Group LLC


    Alex Group LLC


    Armen Hamik Brothers LLC


    Pargev LLC


    Let us remind that spokesman for the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) Tigran Urikhanyan said: «…It is only Tigran Sargsyan’s brother, brother-in-law, uncle, and other relatives and favorites who have the right to «win» this or that tender. At the instructions of Tigran Sargsyan’s brother, the irrigation water pipes at Masis-Etchmiadzin section are being dismantled at the moment, which deprives farmers of the last opportunity to irrigate their gardens. We also need to speak more publicly and openly about the «Nairit epopee», those responsible for importing dead bulls’ meat from India and supplying our people with such meat for a long time, and many other things».