• Public oversight headquarters to count voters

    People will go to the polls as they instill faith in the joint inter-party public headquarters which is tasked to ensure public control in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, says Coordinator of the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) Levon Zurabyan.

    “Everybody realizes that if the Armenian National Congress (HAK), Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun. Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) cooperate in all polling stations, no vote forger will slip out of their hands. At least, the cooperation will allow preventing ballot stuffing and opening voting,” said the HAK official.

    The headquarters has already determined the main directions of its work in Sunday’s vote.

    BHK, HAK and ARF have already instructed their local structures, proxies and commission members to cooperate with each other over election fraud.

    Levon Zurabyan says each of the three political forces will have up to 5-6 representatives at each polling station. Besides, the parties have agreed to create joint ‘mobile’ groups who will respond to all reports about election fraud: they will travel to the given precinct to study and eliminate the vote rigging. The headquarters will have its own electoral rolls to register and count voters of the given precinct and, if necessary, bring forgers to court. Finally, they will apply alternative vote counting and tabulation that will be updated every three hours.