• Sashik Sargsyan insults and abuses journalist

    Armenian parliamentarian Alexander (Sashik) Sargsyan, the brother of President Serzh Sargsyan, has sworn “Hraparak” daily journalist Marine Kharatyan, using abusive language against her.

    The newspaper is going to send the recording to the presidential residence.

    Marine Kharatyan came up to the MP in the corridor of the National Assembly to ask whether he is going to run for Parliament during the next elections. The furious MP seized the recorder and pressed all the buttons to erase the recording.

    “You do not have a right to ask me questions,” said Sargsyan.

    “After I tried to explain that journalists have a right to address questions to parliamentarians in the parliament premises, Sashik Sargsyan started to insult me,” said the journalist.

    Head of the Republican faction Galust Sahakyan was present at the incident but did nothing to help the desperate journalist. Seeing Marine’s confusion, he said indifferently, “Don’t you see that the man does not want to answer your questions?”

    The journalist says Sashik Sargsyan even called her “brazen-faced”

    “I am only asking you about your future activities, while you insult me. You do not have any right to talk to journalists in such a way,” said Marine.
    “Go away! This dog has probably been seen…,” said Sargsyan.

    “I am not a dog,” said the journalist.