• AEGEE-Yerevan to open soon

    Yerevan will soon host the opening ceremony of AEGEE-Yerevan Youth Public Organization.

    The event will be attended by representatives from Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Education, international organizations and embassies.

    AEGEE (from French: Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de l’Europe) basically means European Students Forum.

    AEGEE is one of the leading organizations in Europe with 15000 members.

    AEGEE-Yerevan will open by an agreement signed between AEGEE-Europe and AEGEE-Yerevan in October 2010.

    AEGEE-Yerevan already has 30 members. Active young people under 35 can apply for membership.

    AEGEE arose in 1985 in Paris as a means of enabling young people from different countries to talk about the future of Europe. At the same time, it gave these young people the opportunity to present their views to the members of the European Commission and the representatives of different countries.

    The first and foremost goal of AEGEE is to propagate the idea of the united Europe, the promotion of the communication of the citizens of different countries and the cooperation between the students as well as the building of a tolerant and open society.