• Let Medvedev intervene

    Nearly a dozen bloggers held a protest today in defense of journalist Ernest Vardanyan who is currently deprived of liberty.

    Ernest Vardanyan was sent to prison after the government of Near Dnester charged him of spying for Moldova and betraying the homeland on April 7.

    The participants of the protest handed letters to security officials at Russian Embassy in Armenia and the UN Office.

    The bloggers are addressing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev because they think he can have an impact on the authorities of Near Dnester. They request a full medical examination for Ernest to find out whether the latter is under the influence of any sedatives. In addition to that, they demand giving Ernest the opportunity to have a private advocate and the government to release information on why they are charging Ernest with evidence.

    “If they can’t provide evidence, let them release Ernest and conduct the investigation while he is in liberty,” said blogger Arev.

    Participating in the protest was president of the Helsinki Association Mikayel Danielyan who expressed the concern about the small number of protesters.

    Today is Ernest Vardanyan’s birthday. He was born in 1980 in Gyumri and he and his family moved to Moldova after the earthquake. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science at Kishnev University and is a member of the Union of Armenians of Moldova. Ernest has a 6-year old son and a 9-year old daughter.