Gagik Shamshyan beaten up

Armenian photo-journalist Gagik Shamshyan was subjected to violence while photographing prosecutors and other top officials arriving at the collegium of the Chief Prosecutor’s staff due in the Prosecutor General’s Office on February 24.

After forbidding Gagik Shamshyan to photograph him a 30-year-old fellow swore and hit the photo-journalist. The photo-journalist managed to take the photo of the stranger intervening with his professional activity.

Gagik Shamshyan reported Prosecutor General Aghvan Hovsepyan on the incident during today’s news conference.
“After I introduced myself the stranger said he knows me quite well and ordered to hide my camera. Then he swore and kicked me. I apply to you, Mr. Hovsepyan, as I do not confide in the police,” announced Gagik Shamshyan.

The Prosecutor General demanded that the photo-journalist present the photo, a written report on the incident including the records and material at hand so that they could investigate the matter.

Later we came to know that the stranger did not work in the Prosecutor’s Office. A1+ is hopeful that the investigation will identify the assailant.