• Another game?

    “The Turks are playing another game and for some reason, I am confident that the border will not open,” well-known businessman Barsegh Beglaryan told “A1+”.

    If the border opens, will the Armenian market be able to compete with the Turkish one?

    “I think that Armenians are so skilled and business-wise that they can compete, but there have to be serious legislative reforms; otherwise, we will face serious dangers. The opening of the border does not only benefit Armenian businessmen,” said owner of “Flesh” company Barsegh Beglaryan.

    According to the NA Deputy, businessman Arek Ghukasyan, the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border is a natural process.

    “I don’t think that the two countries should have closed borders in the 21st century and only time will show how open borders will contribute to economic development. It all depends on us.”

    NA Deputy and businessman Gagik Abrahamyan definitely praises the possibility of opening the border.

    “I believe that if there is an international market, if we are part of the global economy and our foreign policy is leading us to integration, sooner or later we must be able to compete with Turkish products. We should not be afraid of that. It has to make us stronger so that we can compete with them. I don’t think that the opening of the border will hurt us.”

    Is our economy protected?

    “Our economy must be protected whether we like it or not. We are part of the global economy along with the Turkish, U.S. and Russian economies. The Armenian economy may face certain difficulties in the beginning stage because Turkish economy is more developed, but our issue must be to reach and exceed. That is what we will leave the generations to come,” said the Deputy.