Armenia-EU agreement to be signed

Armenia-EU agreement will be signed, Armenia has no place to surrender. Stepan Grigoryan, Head of the Analytical Center for Globalization and Regional Cooperation said during a discussion on “The future of the Eastern Partnership, Challenges and Perspectives”. “Of course, Russia will try to hinder, but Armenia has no place to surrender, because during the Summit of the UN General Assembly, Serzh Sargsyan said that the agreement was going to be signed.” Polish EURACTIV Poland editor-in-chief Carolina Zbitsnevska mentioned in her speech that one of the cornerstones of Poland’s foreign policy is that at the Brussels summit, the EU makes a clear statement that member states have prospects of joining the EU.

Irina Sushko, leader of the Ukrainian non-federative organization “Europe without Borders”, thinks after Ukraine’s Maidan Ukraine has faced many challenges; however, it has made clear results. “And without excessive humility, it could be mentioned that we succeeded. After Maidan, many people said that the EN values were our values,” said Sushko. The Ukrainian speaker thinks that the transition to visa-free regime with the EU member states is already a great achievement, and hopes that Armenia will also have such an opportunity soon.

One of the achievements for Moldova is liberalization of visas, says Yulian Russo, expert at the Institute of European Policy and Reforms (IPRE) of Moldova. “Also important is the control of joint checkpoints between Moldova and Ukraine, which increases security in the region.” Russo says that there are satisfactory statistics, according to which citizens are given the opportunity to visit European countries, as well as 67% of the Moldovan commodity is exported to the EU countries, and so on.