The state does not have money for the theatre (video)

Jubilee season will be opened by a jubilee performance. The 80th season of the Russian State Dramatic Theater after Stanislavsky will begin on September 14, according to tradition, by Grigori Gorin’s “Remembrance Prayer” performance, the premiere of which took place in 1991. Fred Davtyan, head of the theater, says that the performance directed by Alexandr Grigoryan has become the theatre’s card. It will be performed for the 200th time. The performance has received various awards, but the most important prize for them was perhaps the admiration of Mark Zakharov, the artistic director of the Lenkom Theater, when he watched the performance during his visit to Yerevan.

Premiers will take place during the jubilee season. On September 23 is the premiere of “The Princess on the Peanut” children’s performance. Michele Tiboe’s comedy “The Perfect Man” is also being directed. And by the end of the year  a new fairy tale-musical will be performed.

The jubilee evening and celebrations, that were to take place on November 15, as 80 years ago that day the theatre received its first spectators, will probably be postponed because the theatre troupe will go on tour.

The renovation and technical upgrade of the theatre that had to be implemented this year is postponed indefinitely, because the state has not been able to allocate funds yet.

Fred Davtyan hopes that the thetre will not have a lack of audience.