Decision on closing schools with few pupils (video)

Levon Mkrtchyan, the Minister of Education and Science, announced during the Government’s question-and-answer that they do not optimize schools, they just close the schools that do not have enough pupils.

There should be at least one class consisting of 30 pupils at school. In other words, at secondary schools the least number of pupils should be 270 (1-9 grades).

It should be mentioned that all schools are overloaded. 30% of schools in Yerevan is not overloaded and other 30% is vice versa. The Minister added that it is decided to close only those schools where there are not enough pupils.

For example, there are only 50-60 pupils at Kond district school, near the center of Yerevan. The situation in Noragyugh is the same, as well as in some other schools.