Artsakhpress: Grape harvest starts in Artsakh

In an interview with “Artsakhpress” correspondent, Karen Aghajanyan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Artsakh, said that 156 hectares of about 2200 hectares of vineyards were gathered today.

The deputy minister said that the average crop yield was 50.2 centners.

“Taking into account the adverse weather conditions, this year’s grape harvest is not very successful,” said Mr. Aghajanyan. Speaking about prices, the deputy minister said that the market price of table grape varieties is 140-200 AMD.

“By the way, traditionally “Cardinal” grape variety is the majority of sold grapes in Artsakh,”  Mr. Aghajanyan added.

Meanwhile, the grape harvesting is carried out by factories on average by 120-125 drams depending on the sweetness of the harvest.