Eduard Sharmazanov blames Hrant Bagratyan for perfect illiteracy (video)

Eduard Sharmazanov, the NA Deputy Speaker, with regard to Hrant Bagratyan’s Facebook post about the Armenian Apostolich Church, says “Either Mr. Bagratyan wants to appear unique or he declares a war agains the Armenian language and the Armenian church.”The latter blames Hrant Bagratyan for perfect illiteracy in a number of episodes. Specifically, Hrant Bagratyan writes that the church destroyed Armenia twise – during the reign of Sahak Partev(421) and Petros Getadard(1043). What is the connection of the church when already in 1023, Senekerim Artsruni wrote a letter, with which he devolved Kingdom of Artsruni. Is the church guilty of it? King Hovhannes Smbat bequethed it to Byzantines. Is it the church’s fault?”the NA deputy Speaker recalls the history.

The latter is being frustrated by Hrant Bagratyan’s unforced criticizms about the Armenian Apostolich Church. “Compared to many churches, including the Roman Church, which was faith investigator in the Middle Ages, our church was for Armenian families, Armenian faith and replaced a  state.” Our church didn’t stone Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, instead, encouraged science in the Haghpat monastery under the direction of Hovhannes Imastaser. If Hrant Bagratyan’s intentions are to impair church-state relations, then Eduard Sharmazanov says that he will fail.

The NA Deputy Speaker thinks that Hrant Bagratyan is under Bolshevik influence. What does our ex Prime Minister want from our church? Keep away, the nation and church are united. Sharmazanov supports Hrant Bagratyan viewpoint concerning church building, which seems rather unpleasant. “Yes, I am for it, because church is the only place which gives positive energy and the best investment is building churches,” announces Eduard Sharmazanov.