Sergey Bagratyan: The purpose of banks is to steal money from people (video)

The National Assembly is discussing “Housing mortgage crediting” and cohesive package of laws.

Banks have never made any decision for the benefit of a citizen. Hakob Hakobyan, MP of the HHK party, says that years ago everything was done for the benefit of banks, and now it is time to make decisions that support citizens’ interests.

“There is no program for young families, families in need. Banks are only for stealing money from our citizens,” adds the MP Sergey Bagratyan. He says that banks have become a structure, having a status of a seperate state.

Naira Zohrabyan, the MP of Tsarukyan Alliance, mentions that banks get the biggest profits and speaks about the proposed amendments to the law: “They get loans by 0.75% and give 20-25% to citizens. They still say one thing: if you are paying off your loan earlier, you will have to pay tribute to luxury. You will have to pay a tax for preventing the bank to get the highest profit.” Naira Zohrabyan reminds that in his project Gagik Tsarukyan had expressed his concern about the very issue.