Vardan Bostanjyan: I want to understand it hard (video)

Hrayr Tovmasyan hears about Narine Tukhikyan, the head of Tumanyan Home-Museum, for the first time and doesn’t know anything about yesterday’s forced closure of the exhibition dedicated to the victims of the Soviet era.

“Yes, I don’t know her, I and art …” says Hrayr Tovmasyan, member of NA of the HHK faction.

The MP says that the Parliament accepts a dozen of laws in which  other treatment for the oppressed and exiled is provided. To remind, yesterday the Ministry of Culture forbade an exhibition called “Eclipse” reasoning that it was politicized.

May or should an exhibition devoted to political repression be antypolitical? It should be antipolitical. Actually, I want to understand it hard. Especially I want to approach the issue connected with Tokhikyan in a strange manner, like you do,” says Vardan Bostanjyan the NA member of Tsarukyan Alliance.

In any case, the representative of Tsarukyan Alliance says that the incident is not  a good one but he would not call the action of the Ministry of Culture reprehensible.

“From the point of view of ethics it is not condemnable to say, for example, that a cosmic crime was not committed, but in all cases a subjective step was taken. If the process continues it will become condemnable.”

The opposition MP does not see anything in the political scene and there is no need for the parliament to have a position on this issue, perhaps only expressing concern will be enough. Mr. Bostanjyan does not know yet what kind of repression was represented in the exhibition, but he would not hurry to condemn Anastas Mikoyan,  who demanded from Armenian leaders to increase the number of people killed in the 30s of the last century.

“If Mikoyan didn’t come maybe 100000 people would be killed.Mikoyan came and 10000 were killed. We do not want to evaluate him, he was not Lucifer’s or Satan’s son, was he?” commented Vardan Bostanjyan.

The MP would not call the action of the Ministry of Culture censorship. In general, censorship is a relative concept.

“Nowadays people say let the child grow up and choose the gender he/she wants to belong to. The same way is censorship. They say you have no right, you use violence. Our opinion may sound old fashioned.”

The MP suggests not to dilate the topic and make him speak about the Minister of Culture. It is a fact that the incident was no good for the state.