Gevorg Gorgisyan appeals to the police chief on the issue of the threats to Narine Tukhikyan

Written statement by Narine Tukhikian, Director of Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum, to be considered as a crime report

On September 12, Gevorg Gorgisyan, the NA member of the YELK(Way Out) faction, appealed to the RA Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan on the announcement made by the Director of Hovhannes Tumanyan Museum Narine Tukhikyan on “Kentron” TV’s “In front of the mirror” show, on September 9.The latter informed that on August 3 she was threatened by a person who introduced himself as Lieutenant Colonel Mnatsakanyan or Manoogian, person in connection with the exhibition entitled “Eclipse”, dedicated to the memory of Armenian victims of the Bolshevik repression.

The MP considers any pressure against free speech and threats directed to Narine Tukhikyan as unacceptable. “I ask you to consider this announcement as a report about crime and to take appropriate measures,” is written in the announcement.

Let us mention that a day ago the MP sent a letter to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Armenia with a view to obtaining clarifications from the Ministry of Culture, who took an active part in the forced closure of the exhibition. The letter said, “We express our concern about this approach and find that any form of self-expression, any opinion, if it does not contain an invitation to abuse or violence, should be heard.”