Father’s and daughter’s exhibition; analyze characters in the language of art

The artist Hambardum Sahakyan says,  “There should be life in pictures, they should not be monotonous. I do not like  uniformity, it does not matter whether you manage to it well or not, you shouldn’t recreate, you should always look forward. These are the pieces that I created in the last three or four years.”

Hambardum Sahakyan taught Arpenik Nalbandyan, Aatoli Papyan, Ara Beqaryan and Eduard Isabekyan. Karen Axamyan, president of the Artist’s Union, says that H. Sahakyan is a very original and interesting personality and he is so modest that the public knows about him much less than he deserves.

An exhibition of works by Hambardzum Sahakyan and his daughter, Lusine Bryza-Sahakyan, opened at the Union of Artists of Armenia.

Lusine lives in Germany and couldn’t be present. But she sent a note. “My goal is to study people, to analyze their characters with the language of art,” was written in the note.

Lusine also wrote that she is happy that her paintings are exhibited in Armenia, especially next to the paintings of her dad.