Edmon Maruqyan: Many things can change till April (video)

Edmon Marukyan, a member of the YELK faction, called on his colleagues to be very attentive to the laws entering the parliament, bringing an example: “At the moment, if the 5-member Council of Elders or the 15-member Council of Elders of the YELK faction initiates the amendments, the YELK faction and the Apricot Country faction will not be able to provide one third of the votes because 22 votes are required. So, we should not pretend as if there is nothing terrible, we just try to follow the Constitution.”

The draft law on making amendments to the law on Local Self-Government is discussed in the National Assembly. Under the current law, the right to initiate a referendum in Yerevan is given to the Mayor and the faction, with the proposed amendment this right should be given to the Mayor and 1/3 of the Council of Elders.

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