Shirak and TotoGaming from no on, together

On June 29, Gyumri City Stadium hosted the first meeting of the Europa League qualifier “Shirak” – “Goris”(0: 2). Press conference of “Shirak” FC and TotoGaming company took place at the press conference hall of the stadium after the meeting.

Edgar Davtyan, head of TotoGaming head of company marketing department, mentioned “The company considers his duty to promote sports, in this case, football. The collaboration is meant to develop sports.”Shirak”FC has been one of the most active, interesting and charismatic teams. That’s the reason why we chose”Shirak.” The main reason is developing sports.”

On the question what success must be achieved so that the cooperation be continuous, Edgar Davtyan answered, “It is hard to mention one point, but I think that the best result will be that after the season, “Shirak”football players and other members of the club be happy for collaborating with us. It expects us to do a great deal of work and their rating will be the best indicator.”

Anna Tadevosyan, public relations director of “Shirak” FC, mentioned that the cooperation will boost sports activity in the whole city of Gyumri and, of course, measures will be taken to achieve the goals.

At the end of the press conference, Shirak football club home and outerwear shirts were presented with TotoGaming logo.