Russian Ambassador is upset about arms sale issue (video)

Russia supplies weapons to Azerbaijan, which is in war with Armenia and Artsakh but Russia’s President Vladimir Putin accuses the United States of supplying weapons to Ukraine. To what extent does this fit within healthy logic?

Ivan Volynkin, Russian Ambassador in Armenia, is cautious while answering the question.

“Ethically, it is not correct for a diplomat to comment on the president’s words.” The diplomat criticized the journalists who addressed him “unpleasant” questions. “Don’t you have other themes? How much can you talk about this? Everything is already clear, the Russian leadership has expressed an opinion on the issue.”

And how will the Ambassador comment on the prospects for Armenia’s withdrawal from the EEU? “If they see such perspectives, then, of course, no one will interfere, another question is if Armenia needs it. I think that the majority of the Armenia’s population does not agree with the perspective, because they see advantages of being part of the EEA.”

The next question whether Russia would continue to supply weapons to Azerbaijan, frankly upset Mr. Volynkin, who asked where the elevator was located.

Today  he participated in the official ceremony of signing the program document “Mitigating the Impact of Climate Change in Armenia through Developing the Potential of Forest and Field Fire Management” which took place in the Ministry of Ecology

Details in the video