NA Deputy Speaker thinks if they are not in power, they are in opposition (video)

Armen Rostomyan, Head of the parliamentary group of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktsutyun, personally does not see the benefits of the current government led by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. It does not matter for him who will fill the seat of Prime Minister next year. The important thing is not to have any deviation from the projects. “Who will it be implemented by? Of course, it is important that the person be devoted to the job and be able to perform his functions with love. There are many such people.”

Only time can show which government will be approved by the ARF Dashnaktsutyun. Today, Armen Rostomyan does not want to touch upon that theme.

The party does not think about putting forward their candidate, that is the Republicans’ responsibility. By the way, Mr. Rostomyan refused to speak about the possibility of the Tsarukyan Alliance’s joining the coalition memorandum after 2018, calling it ‘hypothetical.’ Mikael Melkumyan, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, once again quoted Otto von Bismack: “Politics is the art of possible essay.”

There is no issue of forming a coalition with the Republican Party and the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun in the agenda of the Tsarukyan Alliance, the alliance is still in opposition. Mikael Melkumyan says that if they are not with the government, then they are against it. “It is not as if I have passed from the opposition to the authorities. We should go the way that leads to our national interests.”

By the way, the alliance currently does not discuss the issue of presenting its own candidate for Prime Minister, Mikael Melkumyan says that many things will be decided by that moment. When the time comes, they will discuss it.