Iphone 8 to be released in the market with one month delay

Wall Street Journal touched upon the technical issues of Apple’s latest Smartphone, Iphone 8, because of which the mass production of the Smartphone will be postponed for a month.

Because of technical shortcomings, Apple has postponed the mass production of its long-awaited brand new Smartphone model for a month.

In the evening of September 8, the price of Apple shares dropped sharply after the article published on Wall Street Journal about technical shortcomings of Iphone 8.

Though the presentation of the latter-day Smartphone will be on September 12, on the tenth anniversary of Iphone, Wall Street Journal’s article, referring to technical issues and delays related to the delivery of Iphone 8, evoke a great disappointment among many buyers and fans.

According to the analysts, the turn-up cannot affect the sale of iPhone 8, pointing out that publication of technical malfunctions before the mass production of a new model of the popular Smartphone, as in the past, is a common phenomenon.

According to forecasts, the most important feature of Apple’s latest Smartphone is the touch screen tech screen, developed by OLED technology, as well as the possibility of wireless charging and market price.