Explosion on the Sun; biggest storm in the USA (video)

On September 6, a magnificent explosion took place on the side of the Sun close to the Earth, as a result of which huge quantities of ionized particles were transported to the atmosphere, which was accompanied by a magnificent polar fleet in Norway last night.  Head of the Meteorological Center of Hydro meteorological Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, Gagik Surenyan informs.

The tropical typhoon Irma, which has reached its final 5th stage, approaches the shores of Florida. In a devastating hurricane the wind speeds up to 300 km/h, 1000-1200mm of rain is forecast in 1 day.

For a contrast, Gagik Surenyan brings the example of Yerevan, where the annual precipitation is 300mm.


The Voice of America reports that the US state of Florida is preparing for the tornado called Irma that moves towards there after destroying several islands in the Caribbean. It will arrive in Florida early Sunday morning.

The Irma hurricane, which is currently heading to the US state of Florida, destroyed almost all the structures on the island of Barbuda in the Caribbean Sea. Nearly 1 million people are deprived of electricity in Puerto Rico. And if the hurricane’s so-called eye-center passes over Florida, the consequences will be catastrophic.

As Sett Borstenstein says, Irma has set a record for its strength throughout the world. It’s already blowing for 37 hours, at 285km/h.

By the way, on Irma’s way there are also the resort of President Donald Trump Mar-à-Lago and a number of other properties. Trump informed reporters that Florida is well prepared to meet Irma.

Video below