Fire in Jajur: firefighter gets scalds (video)

On September 7, at 11:37 am information was received that a fire broke out in the nearby hillsides of Jajur village, Lori marz.

Three firefighting crews and the operative group left for the scene.

The fire was isolated at 3:31 pm, extinguished at 3:47 pm. Vegetation is burnt down  (nearly 50 hectares).

87 people from Jajur(52), Kamo(15), Jajuravan(10) and Krashen villages, the village heads, 15 employees of Akhuryan Police Department, 30 soldiers of N military unit, 9 employees of SNCO “Armenian Forestry”,  38 employees of Shirak regional rescue department,  3 fire-rescue cars and 1 S171 tractor, took part in firefighting activities.

One firefighting command was on duty at the fire scene.

Fire and rescue squad commander, Sub-captain G. Voskanyan, got 3rd degree burns in the wrist and head sections during firefighting work and was hospitalized to Gyumri MC.

The doctors assessed the victim’s health condition serious but stable.