“Fire could have been prevented, if the head of the section hadn’t been dismissed” (video)

“A1+” addressed questions to Karine Shahverdyan, member of the coordinating group of “Nairit” plant in connection with the blast and the fire in the chemical plant.

What is burning in reality and what can be the reason for the blast?

“On July 1st 20 people were dismissed from their jobs, claiming that those people have no significance in the plant. One of them was the head of this section, who ensured security of the section,- says Karine Shahverdyan,-I think that if the former head of the section was in the plant, he would know what was happening and there wouldn’t be such a case.”

“Maybe there were dismantling activities in the plant and everything started from a little spark, I don’t know, but today the specialists in the plant has no right to their opinion and the bankruptcy manager does what he wants…He said that he will do what he wants.”

In reply to the question whether she shares the opinion that the hot weather was the reason for the fire, Karine Shahverdyan answered, “It didn’t happen in July, August, when the air temperature was above 40, how could it happen now when it is a little more than 30 degrees?”

All this, according to Mrs Shahverdyan, will not affect the investors, “One group of investors remains, which also cooperates with us and being aware of chemistry, they can understand that it will not hinder them.”