The regime was to be in the dock -Alek Yenigomshyan

Alek Yenigomshyan, a member of the Founding Parliament movement, says the trials of opposition leader Jirayr Sefilyan and others, as well as Sasna Dzrer group members, are meaningless.

“We know that the court will not announce a fair verdict,” he said.

Alek Yenigomshyan does not expect fair and unbiased investigation and says the verdict has already been pronounced.

The regime was to be in the dock instead of these guys who are standing trial for sins they have not committed while the regime and judicial representatives are trying to deprive them of that opportunity,” he said.

Mr. Yenigomshyan says during the trial Jirayr Sefilyan and others were to be allowed to prove their innocence and Sasna Dzrer members – the motives behind their action.