Lawyer: They are trying to make a mock of Vahan Shirkhanyan

Lawyer Hayk Alumyan raises alarm over attempts to make a mock of his client Vahan Shirkhanyan, a former deputy minister charged with abetting a criminal gang that was uncovered in Yerevan in 2015 and was reported to be planning to carry out a series of serious crimes in Armenia in 2015.

“They took the wheelchair and put it away from Vahan Shirkhanyan. When he wants to go to the toilet he has to wait for 40 minutes until they brought the wheelchair closer. Once he had to wait for three hours before he could finally go to the toilet. This is a mockery, they are trying to mock at him, but they themselves will appear in a ridiculous situation after the European Court of Human Rights announces its decision. I hope we shall manage to report this violation of human rights to the ECHR before the publication of the final decision,” Mr. Alumyan said.

Earlier, Hayk Alumyan lodged a complaint with the ECHR presenting Shirkhanyan’s health condition.